Top 5 Reasons to be Grateful that Matt Murray is the New WaPo Executive Editor (Plus a Bonus Reason)

“The executive editor of The Washington Post, Sally Buzbee, will step down from her role, a major and sudden change at one of the nation’s pre-eminent news organizations. Matt Murray, the former editor in chief of The Wall Street Journal, will take her place through the presidential election, the company said on Sunday night…. Mr. Murray will transition to a new role after the election, building a new newsroom within The Washington Post focused on service and social media journalism.” — The New York Times, June 2, 2024

This may seem chaotic, some people say it is a catastrophe in the making, but at Oblivioni, we think it’s actually great news. Here are the top 5 reasons WaPo employees should be joyful today (plus one bonus reason)!

  1. New Office Perks: With Matt Murray at the helm, the Washington Post might finally get that long-awaited in-office snack bar stocked with only the finest artisanal coffee and news-themed pastries.
  2. Meme Worthy Memos: Get ready for some legendary memos!
  3. Casual Fridays Just Got Serious: Under Murray’s reign, Casual Fridays might include Hawaiian shirts.
  4. Mystery Meat in the Cafeteria? Not Anymore!: Murray’s renowned attention to detail might finally put an end to the mystery meat conundrum in the cafeteria. Lunchtime will never be the same!
  5. Breaking News Dance Parties: Murray’s got rhythm, and he’s not afraid to show it! Get ready for impromptu dance parties in the newsroom every time a big story breaks. Who says journalism can’t be fun?
  6. Journalism with a Side of Puns: Get ready for headlines that make you groan and grin at the same time. Murray’s love for puns might just turn the Washington Post into the Pun-ington Post.


Content by Oblivioni. Image by Kalyee Srithnam.

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