Photo of the Day: A Restaurant that Knows What It Doesn’t Like

We saw a sign outside the Ocean Prime restaurant in Manhattan with a stern but classy warning, shown above, noting the management’s desire to create an “elegant” atmosphere, and requesting that patrons wear “attire that is both polished and suited to our restaurant.”

Excellent! We all know what that means.

But just to be absolutely clear, the sign continues, in some detail:

This elaboration seems so overly hyper-specific that we think it was likely so geared to one specific patron whom Ocean Prime management will never forget, so it might as well add parenthetically, “(And yes, we’re looking at you, Rick Molatero!)”, a middle-aged man who smelled like weed and once wore a whale-tail to a mid-week lunch.

[Editor’s note: we believe no man named Rick Molatero exists on this planet, but just to be safe, please note that the character of “Rick Molatero” is fictional.]

But on further reflection, we feel that the hyper-specificity is not hyper-specific enough.

It all comes down to this: we could understand if Ocean Prime prohibits patrons who smell like weed. That makes perfect sense! Who wants to sit in a restaurant breathing in that skunky stink? Well, some of us would, but we’d understand a flat prohibition on it.

But what constitutes “excessive” skunky stink? Is a little whiff, a little hint of the aroma acceptable, like an intoxicating parfum?

Some members of the Oblivioni editorial team will be at Ocean Prime tomorrow for lunch, and we’ll see if we stink too much from marijuana or just the right amount. And we’ll report back.

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