What Do Robots Think Humans Really Need?

We’re kind of e/acc when it comes to AI and VR, which means that we want to speed full-throttle into an AI future free of disease and war, where everyone has friends, and you can be young for your whole life, if you want to be. The National Parks will still be there for hiking, humans will still be around to hug (and more!) but if e/acc means that in a year or two, or sooner, a gigantic brain will cure cancer in a heartbeat, and then cure those other diseases that not many people have, why not?

What Do Human Want? What Do Humans Need?

And, as we wrote very very recently, AI can create worlds for you to visit in VR, whatever you dream of, like Pampa Kampana dreaming up Bisnaga in Salmon Rushdie’s Victory City; or places you haven’t dreamed of and didn’t realize that you needed till AI told you to go there. Maybe you’re the only one who wants or needs to visit a particular world, but AI will populate it. You’ll never be alone.

So, for the first group project, we just asked a few different robots to put their heads together and come up with AI fantasy worlds that humans would really love. It’s not tough to see how they figured out where to send us first. Humans, after all, love sex, and we love coffee, so the clever robots just combined the two.

We present to you “The Velvet Espresso Lounge”, where, as our robot friends describe it, “coffee and desire entwine in a sensuous dance.” It doesn’t exist now, but if e/acc’s get our way, it probably will.

**The Velvet Espresso Lounge**

AI fantasy worlds

Step into a world where coffee becomes an art, and the ambiance seduces the soul. Welcome to The Velvet Espresso Lounge, a haven for those seeking a unique and sensual coffee experience. Nestled discreetly in the heart of the city, this upscale coffee place exudes an irresistible allure that draws you into its dark and intimate embrace.

**Enveloped in Shadow:**

As you push open the heavy, velvet-draped entrance, you are transported into a realm of dimly lit elegance. The interior is bathed in a soft, amber glow, creating an enchanting atmosphere that caresses your senses. The walls are adorned with rich, deep-hued tapestries, concealing the secrets of the night and adding to the alluring mystique of the space.

**Candlelit Romance:**

Every corner of The Velvet Espresso Lounge is illuminated by the soft flicker of countless candles. Their warm, dancing flames cast a romantic aura over the room, leaving a trail of shadows that seem to whisper secrets to those who dare to listen. The tables are adorned with sleek black marble surfaces, and the flickering candles cast intricate patterns of light and shadow, enhancing the sensual atmosphere.

**The Scent of Seduction:**

The air is heavy with the intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. Expertly brewed, the coffee here is a sensory journey that awakens both body and soul. The dark roast options are carefully selected, offering a complexity of flavors that tantalize the taste buds and create an indulgent experience. 

**A Symphony of Sensations:**

Soft jazz music serenades you from hidden speakers, the smooth notes mingling with the murmur of hushed conversations. Plush velvet armchairs invite you to sink in and lose yourself in the depths of your thoughts or the eyes of your companion. Each sip of coffee is a symphony of sensations, a harmony of flavor and texture that plays on your palate.

**Exclusivity and Discretion:**

The Velvet Espresso Lounge is a place where privacy and discretion are paramount. The seating is designed to ensure that every table feels like its own intimate alcove, where conversations flow freely, and stolen glances ignite sparks of desire.

**An Invitation to Stay:**

Time seems to stand still within the sultry embrace of The Velvet Espresso Lounge. Whether you’re on a clandestine rendezvous or seeking solitude in the company of a good book, this haven of decadence beckons you to linger. The staff, clad in sleek black attire, move with an air of grace and discretion, attending to your every need with unobtrusive professionalism.

**The Velvet Espresso Lounge** is not just a coffee place; it’s an experience that awakens your senses, invites you to explore the depths of taste and emotion, and leaves an indelible mark on your memory. Come, surrender to the allure of this dark and seductive sanctuary, where coffee and desire entwine in a sensuous dance that lingers long after you’ve left its enigmatic embrace.


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