What happened this Week?

Was it an eventful week? It was a bad week, that’s for sure. You all know about the headwear at the State of the Union. Here are a few other things that happened this week.

Quote of the Week

The Zone of Interest is the best Holocaust movie I’ve witnessed since my own.” — Steven Spielberg

One wonders why he would say this. It reminded us of Jerry Lewis, who, back in 1984, praised Tim Conway like this, on his short-lived talk show: “You wanna know how I knew how great he was? . . . I was jealous! . . . I know when I feel that, I’m looking at excellence.”

That really happened.

There are really better ways to praise people than to compare them to yourself.

Crappy AI Fraud Photo of the Week

We’re not sure why anyone does this, create an AI photograph and try to pass it off as some kind of real historical event. Where is the profit in this kind of fraud?

A Facebook page called “Historical Pictures” posted a ridiculously bogus “photograph” of a family with misshapen hands and odd lumps on their heads with the caption, “Family portrait in front of their home. Even the dog is posing! 1904.”

Happily, the world public recognizes this kind of thing, and this post was followed with hundreds of aghast comments.

We believe that AI art can be very useful for all kinds of things, but no one should pass it off as history.

Worst Democratic Argument of the Week

As we all know, the American public by wide margins feels that Biden is too old to be president.

One might think that the response by liberals and progressives would be to reply that, in fact, Biden is not to old to be president; that, in fact, an 86-year-old (Biden’s age at the end of his second term) is perfectly capable of serving effectively as president.

Instead, across social media, liberals and progressives have instead been replying that Trump is in fact the one who is too old to be president. They have been highlighting Trump’s verbal and cognitive missteps, arguing that the 77-year-old former president is suffering from age-related cognitive decline. He doesn’t know the difference between Nancy Pelosi and Nikki Haley, they marvel; he goes on a “bonkers rant” as the result of “cognitive decline,” they exclaim.

This is a strategy to deflect concern away from Biden’s age, and it’s all over Facebook and X, but in fact it does the opposite.

If Trump is too old to be president now, if he is indeed suffering from age-related cognitive decline now, at 77, one would have even more reason to be very worried about Biden, who, at the end of his term, will be nearly nine years older than Trump is today.

Whoever came up with this strategy should retire it immediately.

Tomorrow’s Parsha

Tomorrow’s Torah portion, Vayakhel, focuses on the importance of unity and community, emphasizing working together for a common goal.

Something to remember as we recover from the SOTU.

Have a nice weekend.


Image by Jess Bailey Designs/Pexels.

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