Some of OUr Web Ads Are Gross?

Gross ads

Hey there! You know, we have to be honest with you.

Sometimes web ads are gross. Even, sometimes, the ads on our website! Like when they’re all about plaque psoriasis, scalp psoriasis, or even nose hair trimmers, and they’re illustrated with graphic photographs.

We need to make money. And we don’t get to choose who advertises with us. We don’t call the nose hair trimmer company and beg them for money. It just appears on our website. We’re as surprised as you are when gross web ads suddenly appear next to our latest review of a Degas exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And it’s a mixed bag. We have some awesome advertisers who bring us cool stuff, and then we have those who are also very awesome, but who make us cringe a little.

This is what the web is like. No one predicted it thirty years ago; we called it then “information superhighway.” We thought it would be a driver for more information, that it would be a boon to journalists. But it has not been. Jobs for journalists are disappearing, as salaries for the jobs that remain are cratering. Journalism these days often entails misleading clickbait headlines that inevitably disappoint but draw eyes and generate ad revenue.

So we do what we do; we try to show up in online searches by boosting our SEO score, and we sell ads through a central depository, but we try our best not to trick anyone, to be upfront about who we are and why we’re saying what we’re saying.

But we depend on our advertisers, each and every one of them. They keep our magazine running, so we just have to roll with it. We don’t like capitalism, exactly, but we do what we have to do. Forty years ago, our magazine would have been on newsstands, and if you wanted to read a retrofuturist comic strip, you’d have to shell out forty cents. Maybe you’d subscribe. Today, you don’t really expect to pay us for content. So the tradeoff is, you have to look at pictures that … well, you know.

And if you think about it, there are people in the world who have unpleasant or even just unsightly physical ailments. There are indeed people who just don’t know what to do about their nose hair. You’ve seen those nose-hair people. They’re around. They make your life unpleasant, and they’re not doing themselves any favors. Maybe we’re helping those people.

So next time you see one of those ads that makes you go eww, just remember, they’re the reason we’re here. Click on one or two of them — we make more money if you do! Thanks to you, and to our advertisers, we can keep doing what we love.


Content and image by Oblivioni.

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