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Have you written a short story that you want to get published, which people really ought to read? Science fiction, literary, comic, tragic? Comic-tragic?

Have you created a comic strip? Graphic novel?

Did you take a beautiful photograph? Draw a great picture?

Have you written a poem that people might enjoy?

Have you read a book or watched a movie or TV show that you’d like to review?

Do you have a book coming out with a great first chapter that you’d like us to excerpt?

Do you have advice about how to live a better life? Do you have an opinion about anything at all that you’d like to share?

Is there some obscure novel, movie, TV show, record album, restaurant or piece of art that you love but almost no one else knows about? Why not write about it in Oblivioni Magazine and let the world know?

We’d really like to hear what you have to say. So would many other people.

Click on our contact form and send us your work. (No, we won’t charge you to publish your work.)

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Image by Judith Peter / Pexels

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