The Most Disappointing News Story of the Week: Chynna Phillips, and Her Father’s Dark Revelation


Chynna Phillips. A celebrity with something to say?

Like you, we work all day long at our computers, and when we check our emails or research anything on the web, stuff pops up that distracts us.

Well, if we’re looking at Oblivioni Magazine, it’s usually disgusting pictures of plaque psoriasis and other assorted ailments, so sorry about that. We don’t choose our advertisers!

But if you have plaque psoriasis, maybe these ads have helped you.

If so, you’re welcome.

Today, one of our writers was supposed to be working, except that this popped up in his email feed: “Chynna Phillips Reveals Dad John ‘Blindsided’ Her with Information the Night Before Her Wedding: ‘He Felt Shame‘”.

An article from the People website. A reputable publication.

Wow! This sounds intense.

“I don’t known much about Chynna Phillips,” he says, “but I have a Mamas-Papas record somewhere that I don’t like very much, and I watched One Day at a Time when I was a kid and didn’t like it, so of course I clicked on the link and read the article.”

The article begins by revealing that nearly thirty years ago, on the night before Chynna Phillips’ wedding to Billy Baldwin, her father blindsided her by revealing “earthshattering … stuff[.]”

According to Chynna, “I was up all night just weeping, and numb as well[.]”

Whaaa? This sounds horrible! What could he have told her?

Well, read on!

Finally, the magazine tells us what it knows:

Phillips did not reveal the specifics of her difficult conversation with The Mamas & The Papas singer John, who died of heart failure in 2001 at age 65.

Well, that was disappointing.

Look, we’re not printing this just to make fun of People Magazine or (Heaven forbid!) to mislead readers and lure them to our website. Our point is to highlight what a waste of time journalism can be today. It is indeed news that Chynna Phillips is hiding a dark secret, but an appropriate headline for that would be Chynna Phillips Won’t Reveal Specifics of Difficult Conversation with Father.

A headline should flag the news in the story — President Kennedy Assassinated, for example — and anyone who wants to read it can read it and learn more. People spent money to boost a misleading headline all over the web, to lure readers to their website. This isn’t what journalism is supposed to be.

So, People Magazine, for interrupting our writer’s workday, and the workdays of so many others, and jerking everyone around like that, and decreasing productivity all across America and around the globe, you win the title of the Most Disappointing News Story of the Week.


Content by Oblivioni. Image by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels.

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