Things of the Week: A List

You know, readers love little bite-sized lists, which were once known as “listicles,” but are now known as “little lists.”

So: here is our favorite tweet, museum and holiday of the week.

Tweet of the Week

We’re not sure whether to love this or hate it. On the one hand, there are a lot of grown-up adult-man problems in the world that Joe Biden is uniquely responsible for handling.

But on the other hand, Sesame Street is supposed to prepare kids to be adults, to teach them lessons they will use as adults, so it’s not impossible that even an 88-year-old president (or however old he is now) would benefit from listening to Elmo from time to time.

On the third hand, the guy who originated the Elmo character … well, you know.

But the charges were thrown out.

So we’re not sure whether to love this or hate it.

Museum of the Week

No question how we feel about this: we love it. Not because we love torture. Of course, this examines a horrible phenomenon, which caused horrible torment to many people many centuries ago. They were real people, and they really suffered, and that’s nothing to laugh about.

This showed up on our Managing Editor’s New York Times ad feed Monday morning, and yesterday morning, and also this morning. Every day he drank his coffee and looked at this.

Some algorithm, somewhere, thought he would likely fly to Chicago to go to a massive museum all about medieval torture, that he was that kind of guy.

It really pissed him off, so we love it, because he’s an asshole.

Holiday of the Week

Today, February 1, is National Freedom Day, which honors the signing of a resolution that proposed the 13th amendment of the nation’s constitution on February 1, 1865, which outlawed slavery.

A good holiday, a really good holiday, and it’s going on for just a few more hours. People in this country actually lived their entire lives as slaves, and not too long ago.

So reflect on that for a few hours.


Image by Diva Plavalaguna / Pexels

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