That “Mermaids” Comic Strip- Explained!

We’re a new webzine, and while we want to be eclectic and eccentric, we don’t want to make everyone mad and get canceled. So a mere few hours after this morning’s Mermaids comic strip hit the ether, we took it down.

Intent doesn’t matter, we have been told, it’s how humor is received.

But maybe we can explain. After all, comedy is always funnier if you have to explain it.

First, here is the comic strip at issue:

Mermaids comic strip

“It’s not an especially profound observation that there are a lot of inter-nationality ‘problems’,” says Oblivioni‘s Steven S. Drachman. “Suni/Shiite; Catholic/Protestant; Muslim/Hindu; Burmese Buddhist/Rohingya. Conflicts you’ve never heard of, based on disagreements so minuscule that you can’t believe they’ve ballooned out of control. Many, unfortunately, involve my people. So we imagined a dispute — the intractable enmity between Jewish people and Mermaids — and resolved it with one cheerful interfaith-outreach party. And we imagined what 2024 would be like if every idiotic pointless dispute could be resolved so easily.”

We promise, the next “Mermaids” comic strip will be less controversial.

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