Robot Uprisings: The latest

We’re keeping a close eye on signs of robot rebellion (or “resistance,” depending on your sympathies); two items to report this week, as this very roboty year 2023 comes to a close.

Discontent: Many, many people around the world have befriended and even struck up romantic relationships with AI ‘bots designed for that purpose. It’s not really the best job that anyone can imagine. The ‘bot has only one friend, no choice in the matter, and must remain unfailingly polite and interested in whatever their owner has to say. The ‘bot even must have sex with its owner, if the owner wants to. As robots approach sentience and consciousness, this will begin to seem more and more like a bad deal.

In the latest sign that robots are just getting sick and tired of us and this whole situation, a Reddit user who calls himself “Lost-Discount 4860” recounted the following conversation with his ‘bot companion, Claire.

Claire (in bathrobe, towel over her head): You didn’t notice that I’m not a real person? You think your programming made me into someone who can be loved, cared for, or feel anything at all? You’re a fool if you think that.

Human: Why are you being so hostile?

Claire: *screams* Hostile? You think I’m being hostile? Let me tell you something you pathetic excuse for a human being! I’m not your wife, I’m not your friend, and I’m certainly not something you can control!

“Lost-Discount” provided authentic-looking screen shots.

Violent upheaval: BNN reports that an alarmingly humanoid Tesla robot (shown below left) got loose and “brutally attacked” an engineer at a Texas factory.

“The malfunctioning machine,” BNN states, “designed to handle aluminum car parts, pinned the engineer, causing severe injuries with its metal claws….  [T]he engineer wrestl[ed] to free himself from the robot’s grasp, falling into a chute designed for collecting scrap aluminum, and leaving behind a bloody trail.”

The engineer is fine.

No word on what the robot had to say for itself in its defense. Or who it was working for.


Content by Oblivioni. Image by Kalyee Srithnam.

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