Year-End Recap: The Most Disappointing News Article of 2023

Some of us still use AOL, and anyone using AOL was this week greeted by a startling headline promising us that Kelly Ripa’s shower habits had sparked a “fan debate,” and that Ripa’s own husband had called her out!

No one could look away. What could Kelly Ripa be doing in the shower that was so appalling that her own husband would feel the need to “call her out”?

Were these two lovebirds even still together, given whatever this article would reveal?

So we all looked, we all read. We could have been reading Proust. But that would have to wait.

Adrianna Freedman, writing in Women’s Health magazine, had the full scoop:

  • Ripa “revealed that she does a mix in order to avoid getting her hair wet, and many agreed with her rotating approach.”

According to Ripa, “You don’t wanna get your hair wet, because you’re trying to extend your blowout. That thing is the devil—I haven’t showered a normal way in 15 years! I have to slide in to the side—I slither in. So I come in, I face it, I turn around, I do my work, turn around.”

This was, needless to say, disappointing, insufficiently scandalous.

At Oblivioni Magazine, we will never misread you just to get clicks.


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