In the silent hours of 2 am and 3 am, the world slumbers in darkness while I remain awake.

For years, I’ve lain in bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling, coercing myself back to sleep. Meditation, warm milk, chamomile tea — all tried and tested remedies, but none seem to hold the key to a peaceful night’s sleep.

No more. I will embrace these wakeful hours, I will live within them.

At 3 am, the world is hushed and motionless. Empty streets stretch beneath a sky that would be filled with stars, if I could see the stars. The stillness can bring a sense of calm, a quietude that can be both comforting and a stark reminder of life’s transient nature. The night induces introspection, gratitude for the solitude, a sanctuary from the clamor and distractions of daylight. In this solitude, I connect with my thoughts, allow space for creativity and inspiration to blossom.

The nocturnal stillness can be a canvas for contemplation, a brushstroke across my mind. It serves as a respite from the chaos of everyday life, offers a precious moment to explore layers of self-awareness. In these solitary hours, I find myself grateful for the opportunity to wander in my mind.

The night’s silence echoes with awe and wonder, reminds me of the vastness and mystery that envelops the universe. Like the cosmic tapestry, the night is ever-changing, eternal and beyond the grasp of human understanding.

I don’t fight it anymore. I will sleep when I’m ready, and I will know I’m ready because sleep will claim me when the time is right.


Photographs by Kalyee Srithnam and Cottonbro Studio.

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