Headlines and Tweets of the Week

Just a few things we noticed floating around the ether last week.

Tweets of the Week

More evidence that anti-Israel leftists just don’t get it.

Twenty-three years ago, Columbia professor Edward Said flew around the world to throw rocks at Israeli troops in Lebanon, who had already announced their withdrawal. Back then, Said called it a gesture of joy. Columbia University called it “academic freedom.” The Anti-Defamation League called it “a crude, disgraceful and dangerous act of incitement.” Today, an anti-Zionist leftist wants it on a t-shirt. Anti-Israel violence as a fashion statement. Whatever position you take in the current horrible situation, accessorizing war isn’t cool.

And then this guy: Kevin Brennan, who was a writer on Saturday Night Live for one season 24 years ago, thinks Matthew Perry’s death is hilarious.

“Drowned in a hot tub. Hahahaha,” he wrote in his first tweet on the subject, which he followed with, “I do love it when junkies die.”

Has humor in America declined since Jack Benny and Norm Macdonald died?

Headline of the Week

Spotted last week, in the Atlantic:

This one … um. We’ll get to it. We’re going to read it. We’re just busy, that’s all.

On Television

A few thoughts on what we’re watcing these days:

  • What just happened?
  • Did someone die? Who died?
  • Was it that guy? I hope it wasn’t that guy!
  • Oh no … maybe it was that other guy, you know, the one I like!
  • Has this been renewed for another season? Quick, Google it to see if it’s been renewed!


More crap to come. It just keeps coming.

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