Tweet of the Week

Ah tweets! They’re America’s town square! And Elon Musk’s new version of Twitter will soon be your everything app. We love them, your tweets!

You know what else we love?

Undergraduate faculty advisors!

They guide and shape the youth of America, helping them to become not just well-educated, but moral and upstanding citizens. And they know how to spell words. Like “misiniformation.”

You know a third thing we really REALLY love? The Department of American Studies at UC Davis! A place where people can debate ideas, express diverse viewpoints, maybe even a Zionist perspective, let’s say, all without fear of reprisals, without any worry that an undergraduate faculty advisor might, oh, track down one’s family, or one’s children at their school, and kill them with, let’s say (just for example), a knife or an axe! And three big drops of blood.

So kudos to you, Professor Jemma Decristo, Undergraduate Faculty Advisor in the Department of American Studies at UC Davis, you’re our Faculty Advisor of the Week AND our Tweet of the Week!

And you know what? We DO fear you more. Mission accomplished!


Image design by Kalyee Srithnam. Content by Oblivioni.

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