I Was Wrong About Ryna Workman

Ryna Workman

I don’t intend to make Oblivioni a magazine devoted to the ongoing misadventures of NYU law student, Ryna Workman, who lost their job offer at Winston and Strawn, and their role as president of the Student Bar Association, after they called the recent massacre in Israel “necessary” and explicitly declined to condemn it.

However: in arguing against Mx. Workman’s firing, I recently described Mx. Workman as “a promising lawyer” and “a compassionate individual with a conscience” who, faced with the realization of the enormity of the Hamas atrocities (decapitating babies, and many more crimes against humanity), would have reconsidered their original statement.

After all, some leftists who originally praised the Hamas attack did withdraw their original statements in support once the full extent of the atrocities came to light, and even apologized, such as leftwing journalist Rivkah Brown.

I felt certain that Mx. Workman would do so as well, once they realized that, by praising the Hamas attack, they were explicitly praising the rape of innocent civilians (and other atrocities) as “necessary.”

As the kids say: Umm….

An update is order.

Ryna Workman has not backed off on their horrible statements in support of the massacre in Israel. They still think rape and murder is very very necessary.

In responding to the universal condemnation that greeted their remarks, in an interview with The Intercept, they deflect and lie.

“[P]eople should not be punished for advocating for Palestinian human rights,” they say now.

As though they were punished for advocating for human rights! As though anyone has been punished for that!

I agree that no one should be punished for advocating for Palestinian human rights. I am pro-Palestine, and I advocate for Palestinian human rights, and I would not want to be punished for doing that.

But that’s not what Mx. Workman was punished for. They were punished after they advocated for raping women and burning people alive. And too many more horrible violations of human rights to list here.

Mx. Workman does nothing to support Palestinians. Instead, they choose to support a murderous Iranian proxy army that most Palestinians despise, and which wants only to serve Iran’s geopolitical interests by scuttling any hope of a Palestinian state.

This is not “advocating for Palestinian human rights” or for Palestinians themselves.

It is the opposite.

The vast majority of Gaza Palestinians told pollsters just this past summer that they wanted the ceasefire with Israel to continue and to be ruled by someone other than the Hamas that Mx. Workman supports so ardently.

Ryna Workman might have chosen to support what Palestinians themselves actually want. But they don’t. I guess Ryna Workman knows what’s best for the Palestinians.

In The Intercept interview, Mx. Workman also spouts this nonsense:

“What’s been driving me is the resilience of Palestinians in this moment. The fact that they are still using their voice, that they are still standing strong, that they are still here, and that they are asking us to continue to speak out and show up for them….” (emphasis added)

I’m not sure what media Mx. Workman follows, but I don’t see “resilient” Palestinians begging Manhattan progressives to keep writing posts on social media.

I see terrified Palestinians fleeing for their lives.

Ryna Workman loves this.

Ryna Workman is a horrible, vicious, anti-Palestinian bigot.


Post-script: It’s also important to note that the Intercept article by Prem Thakker contains a notable error by omission. Mr. Thakker wrote that Mx. Workman was punished “for not directly condemning Hamas’s killing of Israeli civilians.” This is objectively false; this is not why Mx. Workman was punished. Mx. Workman was punished for praising Hamas’s killing of Israeli civilians as “necessary,” which is never mentioned in the article, although it is an important detail. If Mr. Thakker wants to write an article about why someone is fired, explain why that person was fired. In addition, by writing that they did not “directly” condemn Hamas, this implies that they indirectly condemned the Iranian proxy army. In fact, they did not. They praised its actions.

This opinion piece is by Steven S. Drachman. He has written on the Israel-Palestinian conflict on a webzine, now archived but available to read, in a Kindle single entitled Enough Already, and in a TedX talk. He moderates a Facebook page entitled IsraelPalestinePeace. He’s also a novelist. His film writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, The Chicago Sun-Times, and many other places.

Cartoon image (not an actual image) of Ryna Workman delighted by the war in Israel/Palestine, by Oblivioni.

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