News From North Korea: What’s UP with the Masikryong Clocks?

A developing news item from North Korea, on the installation of clocks at the Masikryong ski resort, comes to us from the Uriminzokkiri website.

In April, the paper reported that, seven years earlier, the Great Leader, Kim Jong Un, visited the ski resort and mentioned to various officials that “more clocks should be installed on the external walls of the buildings in the resort.” Although, as the Uriminzokkiri article notes, many clocks had already been installed both inside and outside the resort, Comrade Kim felt that even more outside clocks were needed.

According to the Great Leader, it might be inconvenient for comrades to check their wristwatches while in skiwear. So … clocks!

Although this remark at first embarrassed the officials, eventually they could “could hardly repress their rising passion at his carefulness,” according to the website.

A similar event occurred a couple of years earlier, on September 29, 2013, according to the website of Kim Il Sung University, when Comrade Kim visited the Munsu Water Park. There he also remarked on the lack of outdoor clocks. People who play in the indoor wading pool, after all, might forget what time it is, he said. So, he reasoned, they should have large clocks on the walls, on both the left and right side of the pool.

Luckily, the Great Leader had brought two large clocks with him, in his car.

As for the ski resort, although the headline of the article was “Newly Installed Clocks,” there has been no word from Uriminzokkiri  on the progress of the clock installation in the seven years since the Great Leader’s guidance.

Indeed, it’s somewhat mysterious that, although the event occurred in October 2015, the website didn’t report on it till 2023!

We will update this story as it develops.

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