the films of silent star harrison ford

A while ago, I stumbled across a movie poster that I liked a lot, for an old silent movie called The Mysterious Mrs. M, and I was especially surprised to find that the film starred an actor named “Harrison Ford.” I soon learned that this fellow starred in something like eighty movies. But by the time of “our” Harrison Ford’s ascent, the original silent star Harrison Ford was nearly forgotten; today he is entirely forgotten. I wrote about this movie, which is mostly lost, in Audere.

So as “our” Harrison Ford bids farewell to his Indiana Jones character with one last film, and the tributes pour in, I’m going to pay tribute to the other Harrison Ford. So I’m learning what I can; I’ll watch his movies, if it is even possible.

Something to look forward to!


This story was written by Steven S. Drachman. Image: Today’s Harrison Ford and yesterday’s Harrison Ford never met in real life, but if they had both been stars during the 1920s, and they met at a party, this is what it would have looked like. Yesterday’s Harrison Ford was 5’11”, and today’s Harrison Ford is 6’1″.

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