Doctor Doctor?

The recent untimely death of the relatively obscure DC 1980s rocker Tommy Keene sent me to the internet to see what had become of other local non-stars, such as 4 out of 5 Doctors.

You can read the sad story of the mismanagement of their career elsewhere — in brief, they were signed to a big label in 1981 or so, released a great debut album, and then a good follow-up, then were dropped and sank into oblivioni — but imagine my joy and surprise to discover that their third album, which they recorded way back then, to no immediate avail, had  been restored and released for the very first tine (as “Post Op”) eight years ago, along with a bunch of other stuff.

Over an hour of witty, tuneful and obscure 1980s music, previously unheard! Well, clearly it didn’t lead to a great Doctors renaissance, but it’s still available in the I-Tunes store, and it’s really worth seeking out.

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